Expand Your Menu to Meet Their Needs

Busy lifestyles and changing schedules mean more snacking and irregular eating times. As a result, customers are seeking sustenance throughout the day with small bites, smoothies and more.

Delight customers with drinkable versions of their favorite desserts

From smoothies to shakes, the sweet treats featured on dessert menus are moving away from the plate and making their way into a glass. See for yourself how drinkable desserts are delighting people of all ages with a kid-friendly format and unexpected flavor combinations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sipping something sweet from a straw, and customers can't get enough.

Go bold with beverages to help your operation stand out.

Unique, complex and wildly creative are just a few of the things consumers are wanting when it comes to beverages. Bold is better and it’s making a big splash in 2014 according to a report by Flavor & the Menu.1 From housemade sodas to creative cocktails and a variety of other signature refreshments, bold flavor is making a big impact and nothing is off limits. Consumers are craving bigger flavor profiles, and, as a result, bolder and even bizarre beverages are being welcomed by willing taste buds.

Create something for customers craving a better-for-you beverage

As the year continues, stay on trend by offering better-for-you beverages that will keep customers happy and help them hold on to their healthy resolutions. From cutting calories, to adding natural ingredients, there are a variety of things customers are wanting when it comes to a beverage that’s a little better for them.

Inspire this year's menu with top trends from 2013

The closing of one year means the opening of a new one and what better way to start off 2014 than with a list of top 2013 trends that will continue to win over taste buds.

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