Taking our support of the specialty coffee industry one step farther, DaVinci Gourmet is proud to be one of the largest sponsors of Coffee Kids. This non-profit organization is devoted to improving the lives of children and families in coffee growing regions around the world. We’ve helped fund several projects, including a nutritional and environmental education program promoting the benefits of fresh, locally produced foods without the use of synthetic chemicals and aiding in local economic development. In addition, a portion of the sale of each and every bottle of DaVinci Gourmet is donated to this worthy and respected organization. That’s why DaVinci Gourmet can honestly say that Every Flavor Shot Counts™.


Coffee Kids was started to address the plight of the small-scale coffee farmer. Unlike many non-profit organizations, Coffee Kids does not seek to tell those in need how to improve their lives. With the exception of during times of natural disaster recovery, Coffee Kids does not provide direct aid in the form of goods or donations. Instead Coffee Kids works with the members of coffee communities and assists them in seeing their local vision transformed into reality.

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