Wow. Now.

Get your blenders ready! Jet makes big, bold flavor easier than ever:

• Jet™ smoothie mixes: simply pour over ice and blend for smoothies that taste like “fresh fruit with a straw™”

• Jet™ Frozen Beverage Mixes: simply pour over ice and blend for drinks with exciting and bold flavor. 

• Jet™ smoothie mixes also work great for frozen non-carbonated drink dispensers and granita machines. Simply add 1 part Jet smoothie mix to 2 parts water, and let the machine do the work!

Green Matters

All Jet™ products feature aseptic packaging to lock in fresh taste while helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Made with renewable raw materials that are sustainably sourced, cartons can actually save up to 60% of CO2 emissions and fossil resource consumption compared to other types of packaging. Their lightweight, cubed-bottom design also offers high transport efficiency along the entire supply chain. For example, 900,000 folded 400 mL cartons need only one truck to transport, while 900,000 empty 400 mL cans require 19 trucks!