It’s All In The Mix

Jet features the very first shelf-stable, pour-over-ice-and-blend smoothie made the with freshest, premium ingredients for authentic flavor profiles and smooth, creamy texture.

• Jet™ Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes feature 11 intense flavors made from authentic ingredients like real fruit puree, natural flavors, real cane sugar and no preservatives—you can feel great about the smoothies you serve. Each one bursts with amazing fruit flavor, the closest thing to fresh fruit possible!

• Jet™ Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothie Mixes contain only 100 calories per serving and feature 0g fat, no preservatives or cholesterol, and are high in vitamin C and prebiotics for a healthy choice all day long.

• Jet™ Frozen Beverage Mixes offers the ultimate balance of sweet and tart.  Our expanding line of exciting, bold flavors made with all natrual flavors and real surgar, these mixes will WOW your customers.   

Big Flavor Is Huge

Smoothies are more popular than ever and have grown by more than 80% in the past five years, with the U.S. smoothie market now exceeding $2 billion in annual sales.¹ Their dramatic growth can be attributed to their healthy perception as well as the fact that more and more Americans are eating and drinking on the go. Smoothies are a great grab-the-go option – and with consumers wanting big, bold flavors, Jet™ mixes offer mind-blowing flavor to meet the demand. And adding smoothies to your current beverage lineup is incredibly easy. They’re so easy to prepare and offer low food and labor costs – which means they’re also extremely profitable for your business.


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