Single Serve Cups
The perfect mix of black tea, vanilla, spices and honey for that sweet indulgent flavor customers desire. Oregon Chai’s Original blend is now available in easy-to-use single serve cups.

Chai Concentrates
The Original Concentrates feature all natural ingredients and stress-free measuring – simply combine 1 part Oregon Chai concentrate to 1 part dairy for a delicious chai latte. Our best-selling recipe includes black tea, vanilla, honey and spices.

Chai Latte Mixes
Oregon Chai Latte Mixes are a complete mix for chai lattes with just-add water convenience. Available in bulk size or single-serve packets.

Super Chai Concentrates
Oregon Chai’s shelf-stable Super Concentrates have a more intense, concentrated flavor with an easy-dosing pump. Simply mix 1 part Oregon Chai concentrate to 5 parts dairy for a delicious chai latte. Super concentrates also are great for making frozen chai drinks or used as a chai flavoring.
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